Thermo Fisher BLOOD BANK

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Simplify operations and improve accuracy with Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ Blood Bank Refrigerators. These refrigerators meet strict requirements for storage of whole blood and blood components and feature microprocessor control, simplified push-button alarm test functions and reliable, field-proven refrigeration systems.

Microprocessor Control:

  • Adjustable temperature control from 1° to 8°C, factory pre-set at 4°C
  • Icon-based controls and displays include graphic references for universal operation
  • Setpoint security with key-operated, triple-position master switch controls power to all systems for added safety
  • Audible/visual warnings for overtemperature, undertemperature and power failure, with visual status reports on critical functions
  • Alarm setpoints pre-set to warn of temperature deviation at +5.5°C overtemperature and +1.5°C undertemperature
  • Advanced defrost sensor manages defrost cycle, minimizing frost build-up to maintain refrigeration coil efficiency
  • Enlarged digital display with resolution to within 0.1°C
  • Alarm-silence, ringback and automatic reset functions
  • Pushbutton alarm test verifies sensor continuity
  • Battery backup function during power failure
  • Extra-long alarm probe lead allows manual testing and verification
  • Remote alarm contacts

Refrigeration System:

  • Heavy-duty, industrial-grade, hermetically sealed compressors
  • Automatic defrost for optimum cooling capacity
  • Automatic condensate removal; no drain lines required


  • Built-in 15.2cm, seven-day circular chart temperature recorder (freestanding recorder on FRBB404)
  • Full-extension adjustable stainless-steel drawers
  • Dual-pane glass viewing door(s), insulated to prevent condensation (optional on FRBB404)
  • High-density CFC-free urethane foam insulation protects cabinet from ambient temperature fluctuations, minimizes operating costs
  • Positive, forced-air circulation to maintain temperature uniformity at all drawer levels
  • Directional air flow assures quick recovery after door openings
  • Interior cabinet lights with door activated ON/OFF switch, plus independent switch on control panel (except on 133L models)
  • Self-closing doors close against closed-cell peripheral gasket
  • Door-locking provision
  • 2.5cm access port on FRBB404
  • Adjustable leveling feet (optional casters available)
  • Smooth, scratch-resistant painted interior and exterior surfaces for easy cleaning

Optional accessories include:

  • Voltage safeguard, freestanding
  • 2 in. (5cm) diameter access port with cover (standard 1 in. [2.5cm] port for FRBB404)
  • Stainless-steel interior and exterior surfaces
  • 2 in. (5cm) casters
  • Additional drawers, stainless steel drawer dividers
  • Heated glass doors and door-swing variations available on most models
  • Finished countertop for FRBB404
  • Warranty varies by country, please contact us for details

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