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The DEUTZ-FAHR 5 Series is a range of extremely versatile state-of-the-art machines offering astonishing versatility in terms of configuration. The 5100 4WD|5110 4WD/2WD|5120 4WD models employ innovative technology to cater for any application in all possible conditions.

The perfect fusion of high performance mechanical and technical solutions, unparalleled comfort and ergonomics, and eye-catching style created in collaboration with Giugiaro Design, this tractor is a tour de force of power, functionality and elegance.

FeaturesAgroplus Tractor
EngineA state of the art engine. Compact and powerful.

The DEUTZ-FAHR 5 Series is powered by state of the art engines that deliver outstanding performance, reliability and durability. The Tier 4i compliant, 3620 cm³, four-cylinder DEUTZ TCD 3.6 L04 engine features turbo-intercooler forced induction and common rail fuel injection. Tier 4i compliance was achieved by adopting an EGR exhaust gas recirculation system in conjunction with a special DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) catalytic converter, which catalyses chemical reactions within the exhaust gases on contact to transform them into harmless substances.
TransmissionA modular, efficient transmission.

The transmission configuration of the DEUTZ-FAHR 5 series has been conceived from the outset for modularity.
The base configuration, offered in 5100I5110I5120|5130 models, consists of a synchromesh five speed, two range mechanical gearbox with hydraulic Power Shuttle, for a total of ten forward and reverse speeds.
PTOA versatile, comprehensive choice of PTO solutions.

Having a choice of different PTO speeds contributes significantly to increasing the versatility of a tractor. The PTO of the 5 Series offers the four standard speeds (540/540ECO/1000/1000ECO) and is electrohydraulically engaged with an automatic load sensing function to ensure that the implement connected is always started progressively and smoothly.

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