Carl Zeiss OPMI Lumera 700

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Incorporating the latest technologies from Carl Zeiss into a modular design, the OPMI LUMERA(R) 700 represents the pinnacle of ophthalmic surgical visualization for both anterior and posterior segment surgeries.

Featuring SCI(TM) for a brilliant red reflex, fully integrated HD video chain including recording, Superlux Eye xenon illumination for a whiter, more natural light and a host of automated functions specifically designed to save time for both the surgeon and OR staff, no other ophthalmic surgical microscope is more advanced, no other scope is a more natural extension of the surgeon for all areas of ophthalmic surgery.

The OPMI LUMERA 700 is available in both floorstand and ceiling mounted configurations.

1. SCI™ (Stereo Coaxial Illumination) for constant brilliance and brightness: every detail of the patient’s eye becomes visible
2. Completely APOchromatic optics with high light transmission, resulting in maximum image quality for surgery and documentation
3. Integrated assistant’s microscope with independent focusing and its own motorized zoom. The magnification can be performed independently of or parallel (linked) to the zoom of the main observer
4. Superlux Eye xenon illumination offers surgeons a whiter, more natural, higher contrast image of the surgical field than standard halogen illumination
5. A fully programmable wireless foot pedal control that allows hands-free scope operation
6. Personal preferences such as light intensity, focus & zoom speed, XY coupling, filter settings and configurations of the foot control panel and hand-grips can be saved for up to 20 users
7. Integrated 22″ monitor provides an optimum view of the surgical field to all members of the OR staff
8. Integrated keratoscope allows you to assess corneal sphericity during surgery
9. Integrated Slit Illuminator for hands-free fundus illumination
10. Fully-integrated HD video and video recording for outstanding OR viewing and documentation

Carl Zeiss Meditec offers a full line of OPMI LUMERA® microscopes designed to meet the needs of today’s ophthalmic surgeon. The three LUMERA models (Lumera 700, LUMERA T, and the LUMERA i) collectively provide the customer with an extensive list of features and options that allows the product to meet the needs of each and every customer.

All are equipped with Stereo Coaxial Illumination (SCI™), which provides the cataract/refractive surgeon unsurpassed detail recognition, high-contrast brilliance, and stability of the red reflex, even with strongly pigmented, de-centered, and ametropic eyes.

The OPMI LUMERA’s unparalleled integration capabilities enable the surgeon to configure their system to best meet their needs and to add them later should those needs change. The result is the perfect integration and interaction of the fundus viewing system, inverter, illumination and video capabilities that provides an unparalleled clarity and in-focus field of view. This level of integration can substantially increase workflow efficiency and reduce overall surgery time.

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