Carl Zeiss Visu 160

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OPMI VISU® 160 was designed specifically for hospitals that perform a broad spectrum of ophthalmic surgical procedures.

Four eyes are better than two
The stereo co-observation tube; the flexible viewing solution for assistants
and students.

Easy motion in focusing plane
An optional X-Y coupling enables guided movement in X-Y plane. The push of a button returns both the X-Y coupling and focus to their original starting position.

For picture-perfect documentation
Carl Zeiss provides video cameras for a wide range of requirements and budgets, from 1 chip cameras to 3 Chip HD Camera System with apochromatic video optics.

The versatile configuration and accessory options are tailored to meet the needs of the surgeon:

• DeepView function, the depth of field management system that allows you to choose between optimized depth perception or maximum light transmission.
• Integrated slit illumination for true retro-illumination during lens extraction.
• Ergonomic handgrips for precise positioning.
• Apochromatically corrected optics.
• With BrightFlex illumination, consisting of 2° and fading 6° illumination, for a clear red reflex and good light conditions.
• Extensive array of accessory options, such as co-observation, video and digital recording/editing systems.

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