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A truck crane featuring full circle swinging, telescopic luffing jib and five-section boom subject to hydraulic proportional control. Three-axle dedicated chassis, broad vision, simple and generous decorations, 6× 4 drive.

It adopts the latest directional valve and quadruple gear pump system, with such safety devices as overflow valve, balance valve, hydraulic lock and brake valve equipped to prevent oilway overload and avoid accidents due to pipe fracture, ensure that all actuators could give full play to their working ability, and improve the system reliability and safety.

Such safety devices as torque limiter and complete lighting system are equipped to ensure safe and reliable operation, and facilitate operation at night. The complete crane features an innovative design, with its body, line and tint beauty integrated.

Zoomlion QY55 Truck Cranes Highlight:

  • 43m main boom, two-section jibs (9.5m, 16m).
  • Optimized central slewing position increases the lifting capacity of the crane over the rear.
  • Large outrigger span improves the working stability of the crane greatly,
  • Adopt internationally advanced structure analysis and calculation methods to develop the lifting capacity of crane deeply.
  • Leading boom manufacturing process in trade.
QY55 55000 13700 × 2800 × 3800 41870

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