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Ideal for footpaths and repair work as well as finishing work in road construction. Compact BOMAG tandem rollers have also acquired an excellent reputation in gardening and landscaping.

BOMAG Tandem Rollers Light BW 120 AD – 5 Highlights:

  • Robustly produced – The articulation joint is not welded to the frame and is easily accessible in case of emergency. All machines are equipped with the crabwalk function.
  • Comfortable to operate – The spacious operator‘s platform with a compact steering wheel has a robust dashboard with large switches. Intuitive operation via a soft-responsive control lever and an excellent view of the drum edges ensure a relaxed working environment.
  • Effective work – Thanks to the ECONOMIZER, compaction is simple and reliable. Unnecessary passes are avoided, saving time and money.
  • Clearly separated – Wind-protected sprinkler nozzles ensure even wetting of the bandages in all conditions.
  • Quick to service – BOMAG has dispensed with lubrication nipples. The articulated joint is also maintenance free. The motor, central electrics and water pump are easily accessible. This saves time and simplifies daily maintenance.
  • Economically: outstanding! – With BOMAG TELEMATIC any machine is only a mouse click away. Retrieve location and operating data at any time and manage your fleet more efficiently. Automatic reports provide full transparency on fuel consumption, idle times and potential for fleet optimization. Real-time illustration of total service planning and history comes with BOMAG TELEMATIC.
BW 120 AD – 5 Stage IV / TIER4f 24.6 2,750 1,200

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