Thermo Fisher HERAEUS

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Thermo Scientific Heraeus centrifuges and their innovative rotors meet your processing needs—spanning protein and cell biology to molecular biology and drug discovery to clinical research, and supporting labware from microplates and microtubes to large-capacity bottles. Heraeus products are designed to deliver outstanding performance, spin after spin.

Designed for flexible, large capacity blood banking. Enhanced ergonomics, glove-friendly touchscreen interface for quick run set-up and standardization, and improved capacity maximizes your lab’s productivity.

  • 16 x 500mL max blood bag capacity with available configurations supporting 6, 8, 12, or 16 bags
  • 7,295 x g max RCF
  • 5,000 rpm max speed
  • Touchscreen interface supporting up to 120 programs
  • Mobile app connectivity for setup and monitoring via our Centri-Vue application

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