Case Graders 865B

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The 800 series motor graders are built with a powerful engine and rugged A-frame that provides plenty of stability. Industry-leading flip-up rear hood, best-in-class serviceability, and outstanding visibility combine to make the CASE 865B motor grader both easy to maintain and extremely durable. The multi-radius involuted moldboard design offers better fuel economy and increases productivity.

The CASE 865B motor grader is now available in all wheel drive to increase efficiency in both wet and muddy conditions. AWD improves tractive performance, excellent steering and side draft control in the worst underfoot conditions such as snow, mud and sand.

CASE 865B Motor Grader Highlights:

  • Productivity – Get the flexibility of both manual and automatic shifting to match the job conditions at hand with our powershift direct-drive transmission. Increased power, stability and turning performance to the moldboard is delivered through the A-frame and high-strength circle. For unmatched ground-breaking power, our rear-ripper accommodates up to five teeth and front scarifier accommodates 11 teeth.
  • Fuel Efficiency – Move even more dirt with less horsepower and better fuel economy through a multi-radius involuted moldboard design.
  • Comfort and Visibility – Superior all-around visibility and a clear view of the moldboard are achieved with floor-to-ceiling cab glass. Operator comfort is provided by ergonomic, low-effort control levers positioned within easy reach.
  • Serviceability – Get easy access to the engine and perform daily maintenance checkpoints with the friendly flip-up hood. Reaching the fill port or grease zerks is simple with ground-level access including our exclusive fuel fill with lockable cap.
865B 205 / 153 15,330

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